Friday , February 26 2021

Denise Rosenthal downloads "media controversy" between Paloma Mami and Mon Laferté

With enough discomfort, the singer Denise Rosenthal reacted to the treatment that the media had given him to the recent success of the artist Paloma Mami in Spotify, which became the most watched Chilean interpreter on the streaming platform.

Red's offense would have surpassed the unbeatable Mon Laferté who for months managed to stay in the first place. However, ours of Rosenthal is caused to the "war" caused by the media.

"Why do the media have to say" Paloma Mami unveiled Mon "," Paloma Mami surpasses Mon ", or some other worst headlines? Why make us compete? Why not be happy? That two such different projects with the other are international success and arrival? ", Denise Rosenthal has asked through her Twitter account.

"Knowing that wea is more difficult than chucha (sic), in a country where they are beginning to have more female referents and the more Bacan of all is that we all have a different style. Let us fight By spaces, let the place be inhabited, it will not end, "he continued.

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