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Do you know what are the risks of getting Zika if you are pregnant? | News of El Salvador


The proliferation of flatfish is a reality in our environment, and this increases the risk of acquiring Zika's disease caused by a virus transmitted mainly by the Aedes genus that chop during the day and night. In the country, there is an awareness campaign aimed at parents, parents and grandparents, to protect and care for the most vulnerable against contagion; This means taking care of babies or the fetus from the womb.

For what reason must the most vulnerable be protected? In young people and adults the virus causes very uncomfortable symptoms. The infection is also associated with other complications of pregnancy, such as premature birth and spontaneous abortion.

Due to the previous, it is important to prevent the infection by following the following advice provided by USAID, scare, PSI and the Ministry of Health of El Salvador:

  1. If you are pregnant and have intercourse, you can acquire the virus, which can happen through the placenta and infect the future baby with the disease, causing irreversible damage during pregnancy. To avoid complications, use a condom with your partner to maintain sexual intercourse during pregnancy, to prevent the risk of contracting the disease. Go with her to health service from the beginning of pregnancy for more guidance.
  2. Avoid the proliferation of oil mills by washing, scrubbing and covering well all water containers, that is, batteries, barrels and tanks that contain water, no matter what the water is clean. To wash batteries, barrels and tanks, you must mix chlorine and detergent in equal parts until you achieve the consistency of a paste. Apply this paste to the walls of the different containers and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Then, brush with a circular sliced ​​plastic brush, rinse with enough water and refill the containers with clean water.
  3. Apply repellant against open-brimmed shutters at least three times a day or as indicated by the product label to use, since, although it is more common for shank flip-flops during the day, it can sometimes be done at night, while people sleep.
  4. If you still do not want babies, inform yourself about the most appropriate method of planning for you: DIU, pills, injectables or implants, since Zika can be transmitted through unprotected sex.

Following these easy tips can prevent, in a high proportion, that the Zika reaches its life. For more information, we invite you to join Facebook on the "Care and learn" fanpage, where they offer personalized advice on the prevention of Zika, as well as sharing the information about the article and the hashtag # MomSecureBebeSecurityDeZika. Also listen to the radio announcements that are being published for the prevention of the Zika virus.


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