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Dogs could carry a very dangerous virus for human beings


A recent study points out that a subtype of flu that affects dogs could be highly contagious for humans.

A 10-year study reveals that a potentially dangerous virus for people could be transmitted by dogs. It is a variety of influenza (or flu) characteristics were analyzed by the University of Korea, according to

Until recently, dogs had been ignored as part of the investigation about influenza. However, it was learned that at the beginning of this century (when they began to report – many cases of influenza) there was a variety of viruses that came to dogs. This is known as "H3N2", known to produce avian influenza. However, At one point he could reach the bodies of our pets and mutate the canine influenza virus (CIV).

By itself she does not worry much. The problem is the possibility that it is combined with another form of the influence that we already knew: AH1N1. As we all know, the so-called "swine flu" produced terror in 2009 having become a pandemic of great proportions. like this, The study determined that within the dogs these virus can be combined and formed a more dangerous one: the CIVmv.

Indeed it was found in the study that certain dogs were susceptible to the virus. They ended up experiencing typical symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Among these is the difficulty breathing, coughing, dizzy eyes, sneezing, lethargy and loss of appetite The worst part? This new type could be highly contagious for humans.

Dogs could carry a very dangerous virus for human beings

The contagion in humans

Furious tests are usually performed to determine how much a virus can affect people. The reason is that their acidic acid receptors are very similar to ours. This causes your response to a new virus to be very similar to what human beings would give. So, ferrets are the best candidates to evaluate how much risk a new type of flu causes.

Thus, predictions were successfully verified: ferrets were infected by dogs with the virus. In addition, not only the aforementioned animals were susceptible, but also cats. By exposing the latter to infected subjects, 100% were infected and 40% died.

This worries enough, especially when people are in constant contact with dogs and cats. You have tried to make a vaccine, but the high levels of virus mutation have made this task difficult to complete.

For now, CIV has been identified in South Korea, China, Thailand and the United States. Until now, there have been infections in humans, but if so, it warns that it could recombine with different varieties of human influenza. The possibility of pandemics is not ruled out.

Dogs could carry a very dangerous virus for human beings

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