Friday , May 20 2022

Edit a meteorological warning with a thermal wave that will affect the central area


The Chilean Meteorological Directorate issued a time warning for the regions of Valparaiso, Metropolitan and O'Higgins, due to the high temperatures that will be felt this Monday.

The heat wave will continue until Wednesday in the Metropolitan and Valparaiso regions.

According to the details provided, thermometers would reach over 30 degrees in the interior of these regions.

Other information: Onemi declared Red Alert for Valparaiso and Quintero for forest fires

Regional director Onemi Miguel Munoz urged citizens to enjoy these days "Enjoy our nature, but responsibly; Take care of fire management and avoid doing it in areas of riskor ".

"It is important that we do not expose ourselves to high temperatures; there is not only the subject of afforestation, but also It can also affect health, it is therefore necessary to take appropriate guards, well hydrate and wear appropriate clothing ", he added in statements made by Cooperativa.

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