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Ekmanager says that Juan Gabriel is alive with the presumptive sound


In the alleged audio recording, Juan Gabriel says:
In the audio course, Juan Gabriel says: "Do not be afraid, I will never leave you." Photo by Prensa Libre (AFP)

In the past few days, rumors have passed throughout the world by Alberto Aguilera, better known as Juan Gabriel, alive. Everything came from the discovery recently made by his former manager, Joaquin Munoz, who showed the audiences an unusual sound sent by the singer an hour before the press conference.

The purpose of the meeting with the media was to get acquainted with another book written by Munoz, who is called "Juan Gabriel and I After Death".

The book is about the compilation of e-mails and messages that Munoz has allegedly exchanged with the singer and song since the announcement of his death. The goal is to discover the assumed strategy Divo wants for his return as Alberto Aguilera Valadez, no longer as Juan Gabriel.

Joakuin Munoz, writes a book that bears the name
Joakuin Munoz writes a book titled "Juan Gabriel and I After Death". Free Press Photo: Facebook recorded.

During the event, I take the opportunity to expand the audio for the audience.

In the recording, the voice of the singer is heard: "Joakuin I wish you a lot of success in the presentation of your book this afternoon, with a lot of love and respect, with the best wishes."

He also paraphrases some phrases from the song "Tu kue opinas": "Do not be afraid, I will never leave you, if every day I love you more. More and more, my life much more …"

Could it be alive?

Another statement appears. Munoz worked for four years with the singer, saying that he was the only person compared to the singer: "I was and still am his only trusted friend, who testifies that he will appear again in the media on December 15 next year, but will not return to scenarios.

He also states that he visited with him on July 8 this year. He says Juan Gabriel is currently suffering from a symptom of a diabetic foot disease.

This situation under the microscope implies the fact that Ivan Aguilera, son of the singer, was not able to collect fees or vows. It has been mentioned that death documents can be fake, as the relevant entities ask for their original death to execute post-mortem proceedings.

Ricardo González Gutierrez, Cepillin was a good friend Juan Gabriel and believes that Divo is not dead. Free Press Photo: downloaded from Facebook.
Ricardo González Gutierrez, Cepillin was a good friend Juan Gabriel and believes that Divo is not dead. Free Press Photo: downloaded from Facebook.

For his part, comic Cepillin said in the program of the Mexican program to consider Juan Gabriel alive. His claim is based on the fact that this type of death requires an autopsy and several legal proceedings and, in this case, everything was immediate. In the public, the body never saw it, it is not known how the court doctor attended him, where the body was cremated, and he did not even have respect from the Society of Authors and Composers in Mexico.

With death, you do not play

Although rumors excite a certain group of followers of the singer. They also think that this can not be anything but a coward, because they had previously spoken of Jenni Rivera and even Pedro Infante, among other artists, with the same statements.

A friend of youth and very close to singer Anathell Bris said: "I respect Joakin Munoz very much, but the great idols are always invented to be alive." Juan Gabriel, he's already in the sky, I think it's the voice of an authentic imitator who told him phrases. "

On the other hand, Mexican comunicologist Jorge Carvajal said in his online program that he had contact through the vatsap, and Juan Gabriel told him what plans to return him, in what place and under what conditions he lived these two years, which will will only appear on December 15th.

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