Sunday , June 13 2021

Explosion was recorded at State Bank branch in mall Apumanque de las Comtes | National

An explosion was registered on Monday night, in the branch of State Bank of the Apumanque commercial center in the commune of the Counts, Which generated a major police operation.

According to the first antecedents, the landslide originated in the zone of the ATMs of the bank branch, that is located between Manquehue streets and Apoquindo avenue of the Counts.

One of the authorities who arrived at the scene was the mayor of the Counts, Joaquín Lavín, who explained that according to the first antecedents, it is that shortly before the explosion, two people arrived at the branch on a motorcycle. , one of them got out of the vehicle, got in and out of the bench, then got off the bike.

“What we know from the nearest camera is that two minutes to 9, a motorcycle is parked in front of the ATM, one of the people gets off, gets out and goes on the bike, and in 3 or 4 minutes there is a pretty big explosion (…) it is not appreciated if it went down with something “, indicated Lavín.

So far, no pamphlets or de facto awards have been found, nor are there any indications that there was an attempted theft of ATMs.

After the explosion, state entity issued a message on its Twitter account, where it condemned the facts and work to restore service to the branch affected by the explosion.

“We regret the attack on our branch in Apumanque. We are assessing the damage and working to restore our service as soon as possible. We will take all appropriate measures, ” indicated State Bank.

In addition, the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office assured that they are carrying out proceedings with Carrabiners on the spot and that the prosecutor, Hèctor Barros, was constituted at the site of the event to lead the work.

“The Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office issues first steps after an explosion at a bank branch in Apoquindo and Manquehue in Las Comtes. Southern Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor Héctor Barros is constituted in place of the event. We work with specialized teams, “said the Public Ministry.

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