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Many people use it Facebook since 2008 and at this time it was one social network focused on the social life of the users. That is, they shared the funniest moments you had with your relatives and friends. At that time, parties, dinners, grills, drunkenness and more was what was shared in this application. But today everything has changed, since it has become a fundamental feature of your personal image.

For that time it seemed fun for everything that was published, but over the years it has returned to something shameful, at least to show it to your boss or your parents.

It's likely that when you started using this application you only had your contacts close to your friends, but it is possible that you now have clients, relatives, relatives, ex-partners and a multitude of people with the network today. Those who just keep in touch.

How to get rid of memories on Facebook?

There are two simple options to get rid of your memories Facebook And avoid shameful moments with your friends from work, boss or relatives.

1. Registration of activities

An option is to do so from the platform itself by registering activities where are all your publications and activities you did since you started to use Facebook to date

Through this tool you can search everything you want to erase or hide.

To access the activity log you must click on the top right of a page of Facebook (For example, the home page) and select:

– "Activity log"

– "Your posts"

– Find the year

In Left filters you can check a specific type of history, for example, photos you own or published by other people.

You can also click on a specific year (on the right) to see the stories that you posted in this year.

You are the only user who has access to this activity log.

2. Previous publications

Another option is to use the options in the Facebook "Settings" menu. In this menu you can follow this route:

– "Privacy"

– "Privacy settings"

– "Limit who can see your previous posts".

With this option you can limit the public to your previous posts, but if your friends are tagged in this post, they will be able to continue to see the memories and their friends can also continue to see them.

Thus, you can save yourself the leak year by year. Although in this case the option makes more sense if you only share things with other contacts beyond your "friends" in the social network and want to make sure that you do not see anyone outside of your contact network.

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