Thursday , June 30 2022

Falabella sells its Roses offices in downtown Santiago and moves to Nova Les Comtes


Falabella moves house, or rather changes the location of its corporate headquarters. The retailer has reported this afternoon that the old offices of Roses in Santiago center were sold and that in the second quarter of next year, Falabella corporate, Falabella Retail and will move their offices to Nova Les Comtes.

In a statement, the company linked to the Solari and De el Riu families said that these facilities will be leased 8,800 square meters on 11 floors to the Pati Group, leaving contiguous the premises that Falabella has in Open Plaza Kennedy.

In this place, in addition, a Sodimac store operates, a Tottus supermarket, and the first Ikea store of Chile will be installed. Also, the new Falabella Retail icon store will open next door to this location.

“The change aims to generate new workspaces that allow more horizontal, flexible, collaborative, and hybrid interactions between face-to-face and remote work. The new offices will have the necessary features to attract digital talent that is key to development digital of the group and by “, communicated the company.

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