Tuesday , October 19 2021

Final Round of Nintendo Wars: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters: Link vs. Kirby! – Nintenderos.com


After an intense week of voting, here we bring you the results of the Fourth Round of Nintendo Wars: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters!

We already know who the two characters are going to face in this Final Round of this special battle, which, as you know, lasted a week more than normal thanks to the highest participation we received, surpassing records of votes registered in all the rounds.

In this last one, with a total of 4,441 registered votes Between the website survey and Twitter, we have learned about it the finalists they are (ordered by numbering in the game, not by name of votes):

And the semifinalists who they have not managed to pass to this Final Round are:

  • Pikachu – 581 votes
  • Bayonetta – 515 votes

Congratulations to Link and Kirby! It seems that the final battle will be very and very tight, since 3,345 votes of the 4,441 registered votes were for these two characters in the Fourth Round. Now you have to decide who the winner is in the web survey, which you already have available just below, like Twitter, where you can soon vote in the clashes:

What do you think? Who are you going to vote for?

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