Tuesday , March 9 2021

Find out who won this chapter of Pasapalabra between Alicia Cano and Ronald Valenzuela

Ronald Valenzuela he won before the Spanish Alicia Cano In this new chapter of "Pasapalabra", in which they faced a super-accumulated thread of 114 million.

The participants arrived at the final game with a narrow difference in time. The captain of the blue team, Alicia Cano he managed to get 140 seconds in total, accompanied by Elisa Zulueta i Checho Hirane.

While the captain of the orange team Ronald Valenzuela he got it 141 according to Jordi Castell i Claudia Pérez.

The surgeon's doctor was not able to complete the tortell, but he will return to compete for 116 million pesos in the next chapter of #PasapalabraCHV.

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