Friday , February 26 2021

First details of Arkham Crisis. The new game of Batman that will arrive at the end of the year

Rumors have arisen about a new Batman game that would surely secure a place among candidates for the best game of the year.

Batman: Arkham Crisis would be being developed by WB Montreal and would go out on Halloween to create a relationship with the famous story "The Long Halloween."

We promise a really huge Gotham of the size of twice the mapping of GTA V. There will be a day and night cycle and we will continue to have the Batmobile but most of the trips will be made with Batwing.

The story consists of 12 main chapters, each one hour long. The main enemy of the game would be La Cort dels Oussols, an organization that has been operating in the shadow since time immemorial infiltrated in the high spheres.

Regarding the secondary ones we have good news because they say they will have their own storyline and several hours in length. The truth is that we are already a bit tired of doing insulated shelves, so we would appreciate it a lot. They also speak in a cooperative way but that would not be integrated in the main story.

If all this is true, it will officially announce in March.


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