Thursday , October 28 2021

Five foreigners are infracted for work without a work permit in Illapel


Detectives from the Aliens and International Police Section of Investigations Police (PDI) Illapel have punished five foreign citizens to do paid jobs without having a work visa.

The police officers discovered this irregularity in the midst of inspections in the municipality of Illapel, which aimed to control foreigners who work, verify that they are found on a regular basis in the national territory and verify that employers comply with the regulations In force of the Law of Foreigners.

On this matter, the head of the Department of Foreigners and International Police of La Serena, subcommission Emerald Ponce, pointed out that "according to a background provided by the community, on a property that was operating like Restobar discoteque, proceeded to conduct a check in the site. "

"Here were five Venezuelan citizens who were working without their corresponding permits, so they were violated, like their employer, which corresponds to a Chilean citizen," concluded the police.

The situation of underinformed persons was informed at the corresponding administrative authority, while the PDI will continue to carry out these checks to verify that foreigners working in our homes do so in a regulated manner and that they do not suffer abuses by part of # 39; employers who do not work in bad conditions.


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