In his live with Ignacio Gutierrez, Francisca García-Huidobro, He remembered when Kel Calderón accused her of “jotting” her then-polo player Pablo Schilling.

The “Let’s keep going” animator made the memory and how she reacted at the time: “The last time someone accused me of ‘throwing shit’ at his pololo was Kel Calderón with Pau Schilling “.

“I don’t want to remind you of my answer, which I told him ‘mijita, when I was his age, he had a much better young man than this one’ (…) And I don’t go to bed with children, because the who go to sleep with children wake up wet, “he added.

“Someday we could tell the secrets of this VIP, but what a chance there is that I like a guy like Pablo Schilling, really,” Francisca said.

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