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Get to know the McDonald's future, a new experience that is already in Chile [Fayerwayer TV]

The fast food chain McDonald's launched a self-service model to the airport of Santiago. It is the starting point of a whole restructuring.

Each person is a world, and also each order in McDonald's. It's not as easy as I usually ask for the combo with the Big Mac and it's ready.

We are all unique, so each order is different: add May, remove the cucumbers, put the chips in the sandwich.

However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the cashier exactly what you want, and you can spend a little time. Or delay in the row trying to explain to the cashier that you are a vegetarian and you are there to accompany your friends and please give you a bread with lettuce and may and nothing else.

Fortunately for all, the McDonalds of the future makes this mission much easier and faster.


Experience of the Future of McDonalds

The brand in Chile announced the implementation of a new and innovative customer attention platform called "Experience of the Future", a new concept in the fast food industry.

In this way, it continues its transformation and modernization plan started in 2017, which involved an investment of $ 10 million in the last 2 years, which add up to $ 12 million in 2019 to implement this new system.

The starting point of the new experience of the future is implemented for the first time in Chile in the new restaurant that the company opened at the International Airport of Santiago and will soon be implemented in 10 of its more than 80 restaurants in the country.

In addition, McDonald's reported that he plans to generate 400 jobs in 2019 to give young people a first formal work experience that allows them to develop in the workplace .

Experience of the Future

We did the test at the new location:

Particularly my McDonald's order is very rare (I do not want to share it – they do not judge me), so it was a pleasant experience that the interface of the auto attendance considered every detail in my order .

I was able to ask exactly all that I wanted without any problem.

They gave me my retirement number, and a little bit later he appeared on the screens of the place so he'd go looking for him, armed to perfection.


Carlos González, General Director of McDonald's in Chile, commented on the new system:

"We call" Experience of the Future ", which will mean a more modern way of interacting with customers and we are sure that its implementation will not only allow us to continue to position Chile as a leader in the region."

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