Saturday , March 6 2021

Gmail is working with problems around the world

Gmail is working with problems in various parts of the world. This is assured by several users on Twitter and other platforms. In the DownDetector site a report peak is registered this morning.

As indicated by the users and as it was corroborated from Infobae, Mail is not loaded properly. When you want to enter, there is an error message saying that the requested URL can not be found.

According to DownDetector, user complaints are recorded in Argentina, the east coast of the United States, Brazil, Chile and, mainly in Europe, in addition to India and some regions of Japan, Australia and Indonesia.

At times you can enter the mail, but if you leave the mail to enter again, the error message appears again. The service, as you can see, is somewhat unstable.

From Google, they recognize that there are a large number of Gmail users with disadvantages to access the service and they will ensure that they will shortly be able to offer an update on the problem and when it will be resolved.

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