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He can not accept the death of former instructor Rene O "Ryan


Last Saturday the death of Rene O & # 39; Ryan, better known as "The Instructor" of "Big Group" was confirmed. Ryan fought cancer in 2016, but his body finally yielded.

The exmarí managed to win the public's affection thanks to his affable personality, as well as the recognition of the television faces, where with more than one he managed to establish a friendship.

Their closest ones came to the church of the Immaculate Conception, located in Vitacura.

One of the assistants was Karla Constant, who managed to forge a great friendship with René in the program "Pesos Pesados" of Mega.

The cheerleader arrived at the church and could not hide the affected one who was, because In September, he had passed the anniversary next to him.

"It has been very difficult for meThe one that raises me most is that he was super good, in September we celebrated his birthday, he made a tremendous party with the family, His friends, we celebrate, we had an amazing time and now this … it's like, I do not know they say that one has stages when someone dies, I think I'm in rage and denial, and I can not accept it because he was my friend, he is because he is alive in my heartMy friend is my soul brother and I do not know how to say goodbye, "he revealed in the midst of the interview where he broke and could not contain tears.

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"I had been greeted by Christmas, but he did not answer me, then I said" I must walk on a trip ", but what surprised me was that even if he was on a trip, he always answered or sent me a missatget and this time it was not like that. I insisted, insisted, I called, I called, I called, nothing, I wrote to his wife, nothing and here I said something good is happening"He condemned himself among tears.

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