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He got all 217 kilos: man explained how he lost 90 kilos in 1 year and become a coach | life


The history of the American Vance Wade Hinds is admirable It was in November 2017 when he decided to upload a video to social networks in which he promised to download his own 217 kilos with exercise. After 1 year, through a special technique, reduced 90 kilos.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, Wade was inspired by the work done three years ago by the American comedian Bert Kreischer, who reduced 100 kilos in a year with a technique called DPP Yoga, which consisted of elongation exercises that could be done at home.

Already in March this year he had completed a third of his goal thanks to this technique. In his story he indicated that he could already eat with less difficulties.

"I downloaded more than 35 kilos since I started and finally I am under 200 kilos. Thanks, thank you DPP, thanks to all who helped me, "he argued on the occasion.

In one of his videos, the man explained that he did reach that number because of poor nutrition, because he ate three hamburgers a day, did not ingest vegetables, he drank near 10:00 a.m. at night and did not exercise.

During this year, Vance tried to walk four kilometers a day to continue to burn calories, as well as intensifying his DPP Yoga routine, which he did with a professional instructor.


Thanks to that, in November 2018 he published his latest video where he noticed a great news, since he had managed to reduce 90 kilos and Its weight was 127 pounds.

According to his words, this weight could almost be considered as normal, since its height is 1 meter and 85 centimeters. But he says he wants to continue reciting.

In the future, within the plans of Vance Wade Hinds is to become a DDP Yoga instructor and encourage other people to lose weight through physical exercise.

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