Monday , May 16 2022

How to deal with high temperatures? Five tips for refreshing yourself in these warm days – Health and wellbeing

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The Chilean meteorological office announced high temperatures in the central part of our country between this Monday and Wednesday, which will affect the regions Valparaiso, Metropolitan and O'Higgins.

The highest forecast is for fifth region, in which the interior sector can be achieved 34 ° C. In the region Metropolitan and u O & # 39; Higgins of the maximum are expected 30 and 32 degrees for these days.

For those who can not bear the idea of ​​the warm afternoons that have been announced, there are a number of tips that can help them Avoid feeling overloaded with temperatures.

Akademik Faculty of Nursing of the University of Andres Bello, Tamara Pavlov, raised several tips to deal with high temperatures:

1.- Shake the bodies of the body with warm water such as the neck, flexion of the elbow, joints, ankles, areas where the veins pass closer to the skin, allowing for a fall in blood temperature and, consequently, body temperature.

It is important to use hot water because it is Ice water creates a contraction of blood vessels, which does not allow the heat to escape, possibly creating more heat in the body. It also serves as a bath, provided it is warm water, not cold.

2.- Hydration is fundamental, One of the mechanisms by which the body loses heat is through sweat, so as the temperature increases, we lose more fluids through sweat, and then it is necessary to replace, for which you must drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 2.5 liters, even if you do not feel thirsty.

With seniors, you have to have a special one Do not warn them not to hydrate them, since many of them may have problems with the heart or kidneys that make it difficult to eliminate excess fluid. The liquor that is swallowed should not be too cold, hopefully at room temperature.

3.- Prefer fresh food, such as salads, cold dishes, fruits, raw vegetables Very hot or high-fat foods raise body temperature. In addition, these fresh foods They help return electrolytes that have lost sweat.


4.- Avoid exposure to the Sun during maximum hours (10 to 16 hours). If you are exposed, walk in the shade, cover your head with a hat that perfectly protects the head and neck and do not forget the sun protection.

5.- Wear comfortable clothes, prefer light, loose clothing, made of natural materials that provide adequate ventilation. Avoid very strong and synthetic clothing because it is difficult to sweat because the material prevents absorption of moisture.

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