Saturday , March 6 2021

Huachipato | Josep "Pepe" Rojas: "I'm still doing memes is not something I like, but it does not matter"

The excuse of the University of Chile signed in Huachipato and talked about the mockery he receives in social networks. "The keyboard gives a lot," he pointed out.

José Rojas, former captain of the University of Chile, signed for Huachipato after descending the last season with Sant Lluís. The defender assures that in the group of Quillota they did not offer to remain.

"It was (the departure) by term of contract and they did not offer me a renewal. I took it as a learning of life and football. I had the opportunity to learn about other realities and that will help me tomorrow to which you can face ", said the former Hoya Lorca player in La Tercera.

"If you can criticize me for downloading and going? I do not live in what is said in social networks. There will always be people who will say a lot. One is taking it over the years in a different way I am grateful for the followers and the people who opened the doors to San Luis ", he added the "Pepe".

In fact, Rojas took the opportunity to refer to the jokes and memes he received in social networks. "My speed is not the same as when it was 20 years old, it is a natural matter. I am aware. But as citizens, we look more at negative things than positive ones. Behind a telephone or a computer, Holds a lot. The keyboard gives it to everything. I was 15 years old in or doing things, also in the Selection. Here we sometimes lose respect for the people we have next. That I keep doing mems is not something I like, but it does not matter to me either, " close.

Image: Gentilesa @Huachipato

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