Saturday , April 17 2021

"I do not break the interlocutor!": Dona is incredulous after leaving a dog inside a vehicle in Pucón – National

The owner of the ca asked Carabiners not to break the glass of the automobile, at which time the officials were going to rescue the animal that was exposed to heat. Tvn


A woman was shocked by dozens of people at Pucón after he was accused of leaving his dog in a car, exposing him to intense heat.

According to a video captured by witnesses, carabiners They were about to break a glass to remove the pet, when he arrived alluded to a man's side.

"Oh, do not break my car, please"He asserted the statement, which ruled out being an animal aggressor.

He added that he left inside the machinery "Because I went to buy", Generating a series of pífies and shouts of the people who were in the place.

The images capture the woman being detained by Carrabiners, who also received a fine.

The regional medium The Voice of Pucón He explained that the person was transferred to a police station and was released on the waiting list for a possible citation.


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