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is ready to cheer Mega Very Taste Glamorama morning


Author: Glamorama Team / November 30, 2018

The television coup is the resignation of Diana Bolocco on Canal 13 and his arrival at Mega's Very Taste Morning.

The cheerleader decided to finish his contract with the Luksic sign, which lasts until the end of 2019. He therefore took advantage of a clause in his contract, for which he had a period of days for To be able to put an end to it, without having to pay a fine. And that did.

The Intrusos program, which has informed exclusively about all the movements of the television industry, showed Diana out of Channel 13, a few moments ago.

The 41-year-old journalist arrived at the building accompanied by her father, Enzo, who helps her in her work and Cecilia Bolocco. They spent an hour on the television station and they came out. Then, Diana lowered the glass to greet the numerous journalists who were waiting for them, without giving a background to their work situation.

Meanwhile, on Very Good day, Cristián Sánchez, Diana's husband, confirmed what was happening, and the panel said that Bolocco has a specific offer to encourage Very Taste. This was what they commented on the screen.

Meanwhile, Channel 13 confirmed a few minutes all this information through the following statement:

"Without entering into the contractual details, which are private between the parties, the civil and commercial relationship that unites us with the company represented by Diana Bolocco until December 2019, establishes the possibility of a negotiation window during the month November

"The company has exercised its right to receive offers and has notified Channel 13 that it has a Mega offer.

"Canal 13 has not only the first option to renew its contractual relationship, but the alternative within the next 30 days, to match the offer that the company received.

"This is the process we are in and 13 will evaluate whether or not you have an interest in renewing or not with the company in terms of the offer you receive. It's all we're going to say because we do not negotiate for the press."

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