Wednesday , October 5 2022

It feels the absence of Argentine tourists in Chile and Uruguay


At the beginning of the year, there is an absence of Argentine tourists on the beaches of Chile and Uruguay. Although even though the season is underway, there are no official figures, some statistics already show the trend of the fall of the Argentines to the beaches of the bordering countries and also in Miami.

In Chile, according to the local media, in the first week of holidays there was a sharp drop in Argentine tourists, estimated by tour operators between 20% and 25% for Vinya del Mar, 30% for La Serena, 40% for Iquique and 45% for Valdivia.

Meanwhile, in Uruguay, the first data also shows fewer Argentineans on its beaches: according to information from the Migrations Department, from December 24 to January 6, 166,502 Argentines (by boat, plane) entered Uruguay , auto or micro), 31% less compared to the previous season.

In Brazil, in the meantime, the presence of the Argentineans resists despite the local economic difficulties: the expectation is that the amount of tourists traveling to the neighboring country will remain stable compared to other seasons.

Embratur's data shows that last season, from December 2017 to March 2018, represented an increase of 8% over the previous year. Argentines have a high impact on Brazilian receptive tourism, as they account for about 40% of foreign travelers entering Brazil (about 7 million in total).

From the platforms for the sale of passages and packages, the demand for travel to Brazil was coming down but it was reactivated in the last weeks of the year, with travelers who made the decision at the last minute. (IProfessional)


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