Sunday , May 16 2021

It follows a crossword puzzle between Chinese Rivers and Guarello »duplos

In a dispute that seems to have no end, Marcelo Ríos posted harsh words on his social media against journalist Juan Cristóbal Guarello. The former number 1 in the RankingATP was linked to the National Sports Journalism Award with the ex-partner of Eduardo Bonvallet.

It all started as part of the premiere of the journalist’s book “Barrabrava Country”, Where Guarello wrote about the former leader of the White Harp, Francisco Muñoz, better known as “Bad Pancho”.

In an interview with TVN in the United States, “The Chinese” addressed several issues, in which he did not miss the time to dedicate a few words to the sports journalist. “Do you just realize that this guy is a lie, that he invents so he can keep eating, that envy of successful people doesn’t let him live?“, Were the words of Rivers.

The DNA Radio speaker did not take long to answer the retired tennis player, pointing out that “criticize something he didn’t read, he doesn’t know. The usual. Does not know. We talk without knowing. But the book is so much more than that, it’s so much more than that”.

Obviously this did not stop there, as Marcelo Rius took his best setback and took to social media to charge again against Guarello, this time, linking him with the victim’s former partner Eduardo Bonvallet.

How 1 hueón can have so much face of hatred, and with that face you threw the shit to him to Bonvallet’s wife, you have zero codes“, Published the former tennis player and captain of the national team. I haven’t read any of your books and I won’t. Yesterday to tell you, because again your head in your life is to make shit successful people, because envy doesn’t let you do anything else; i talked about the liar you’re on screen just to keep you on a shitty show because your boss doesn’t give you for something better because it’s the most comfortable“, It continued.

Rius, without intending to stop the fight in the networks, ended by stating that “since I started hearing from you and trying to be a copy of Bonvallet, the only thing is to do shit, but people aren’t stupid and they know it doesn’t give you for more”.

We’ll see if Juan Cristóbal Guarello will answer the considered the best athlete in the history of Chile. Apparently, this is not yet its last round.

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