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It takes us to make decisions


César Pinedes spent no pain for Colo Colo, but today he is in the hands of the champion, Catholic University. For this reason, it was analyzed with the Fourth Scanner.

As in the beginning of 2018, when a trigger between blue and white was started, César Pinedes was transformed into the ban from Chilean soccer. And despite the little continuity that had the player to Colo Colo, there are three teams that fight him to have his services in 2019. This after not being considered by Mario Salas, new coach of the targets.

In front of this complex panorama, the steering wheel is looking for options where to continue his career. One of them may be O Higgins, since he has been in talks over the last few weeks and is trusted by Marc Antonio Figueroa.

But here's not the story: Universidad Católica y Unión Española got into the clubs and are willing to take off and bet again for their talent, despite their low semester.

For this reason, the steering wheel was analyzed by the Fourth's scanner and its face launched "internal strength and a great working spirit." According to his straight and small nose, in addition, he is a man "passionate, joyful and spontaneous. He may have bad character if something dislikes him."

In addition, their abundant eyebrows reflect it "with a great power of concentration and absolute control of situations and stress. Resolutive and confident in itself."

Finally, his low ears throw "a delay at the time of making decisions. First I like to have the necessary elements to decide, because once he does, it is very difficult to change his position."

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