Wednesday , October 5 2022

Joaquín Lavín refuses to intervene in a round between Cathy Panxa and Dr. Be


Mayor de las Comtes, Joaquín Lavín, refused to mediate in the conflict between his daughter-in-law, Cathy Panxa, and Dr. María Luisa Be, after the latter carried out a public diagnosis of the personality of the # 39 ; mayorship of Maipú.

The mayor of the Counts clarified at the morning of Channel 13 "Welcome" that he would not intervene in the dispute, since those involved are all elderly, a complex situation for Be, because after being notified of # 39 ; a legal action filed by the ex-Miaan, said publicly that he would speak with the councilor to make "good offices with his daughter-in-law" and convince her to withdraw the complaint, an option that Lavín completely rejected.

"I have nothing to intervene. One thing is to have a family relationship and something else is to refer to her as a person, for her work as mayoress. They are two elderly. Justice will have to see, they will reach an agreement or not, but it does not fit me to get me ", the mayor said.

Edil recognized the morning show, who knows Be, because they share space in a radial program. "I know her. We have a radio program in which the doctor is there. I had no idea of ​​these things until yesterday," said the presidential ex-candidate, according to the line of the filter line.

But it was blunt to assure that Maria Luisa Be "can not do public psychiatric diagnoses, that people probably believe them truly, can not be."

"Cathy is in full right to say … they also tell me terrible things and I'm going to let them happen," but there are people who say "I want to do a parley and I want to file a legal action, and they are in their rightful right, "he said.

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