Tuesday , October 19 2021

Josepmir Ballón │ University of Concepción vs. Sports University: Assistance of the Peruvian steering wheel ex Sporting Cristal against cream box │ VIDEO


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Josepmir Ballón began with the right foot with his team, the University of Concepción point the plate of ex-football player of Sporting Cristall and it was not mistaken it seems, because the Peruvian soccer champion used his feature to break lines and generated the first goal of the game, where the "O" fell outstripped.

The passivity of the cream box was quite noticeable within 90 minutes of the game, in the transmission they noticed it and made a signal about this situation, advising & # 39; to his local players to attack the area of ​​Aldo Cabirol (Captain of the Sports University).

This is how the picture of University of Concepción, Which has taken advantage of a tremendous pelotera, where the defense "cream" He did not refuse because he was overwhelmed by the power of the whole house master. Then a rebound that was left in Josepmir Ballón who like flying break lines & # 39; He appeared to center the front of his striker.

With this, the game was directed by the University of Concepción that ended up winning by a forceful 3-0, where University Sports competed for a few minutes, because the physical factor ended up costing very expensive. Nicolás Córdova has a headache, with the intention of what will be the popular 'Nit Crema 2019'.


Josepmir Ballón championed Sporting Cristall in 2016 and 2018.

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