Friday , October 7 2022

Leonor Varela shared a painful picture with his son Matteo: "My Heart Is Power" | TV and Shov


A sad story is a story that unites the actress Leonor Varela and his little son Matteo (5), a minor face suffering from a degenerative disease called leukodystrophy. This situation often motivates artists to seek support and strength from their followers in social networks.

This Tuesday, Varel returned to announce a painful picture next to the little girl who slept in the arms of her mother at the time of the show. The photo was following the message "The power of the child of my heart".

The text of the picture is captured deep in several figures of the national show, which cast the actresses of solidarity to the actress who currently resides in the United States.

In this way, Leonor received words of encouragement from personalities such as Angelika Castro, Antonia Zegers, Javier Contador and Maria Jose Jose Prieto; Inter alia

Diana Bolocco, Channel 13 Animator wrote: "All love of the world for this precious warrior and all power for a mighty woman. From here I send you all my positive energy, dear friend."

On the other hand, the current driver of the morning Good morning TVN, Ignacio Gutierrez, He said: "Energy and love for you as a family."

As we have said before, leukodystrophy is a a hereditary genetic disorder that affects the links in which all nerve data passes. It can damage speech, movement, vision, hearing, and mental and physical development.

Because of this, in the past few months, little Matteo had to be hospitalized on several occasions, after which his mother asked his followers in social networks to pray for him.

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