Monday , September 26 2022

Lime suspends electric scooter service in Switzerland


Lime is a company that provides electric scooters In several parts of the world, including Chile and its modality is very similar to that of services like MOBIKEWhere you take a bicycle, use it and leave it anywhere, just instead of a bicycle, use a bicycle scooter.

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This transport system is widely used in other parts of the world, but in Switzerland, the company had to stop its service to put at risk the integrity of its users.

As set by the Engadget site, 1 serious error It was affecting several users of Lime, since some people, while driving scooters, they stopped suddenly, causing drivers to fall.

Without going any further, there are reports of people who They have suffered several injuries, com dislocated shoulders and elbows, until blows and cuts, forcing the company to suspend your service in the European country.

Lime It has not announced when it will reset the service, But, he mentioned that once he returns, he will compensate all his Swiss users with free trips of 15 minutes.

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