Saturday , February 27 2021

looks for homage to his father

Juan José Alegria has managed to win over the public throughout the seven chapters that he brings to the "Pasapalabra" program of Chilevisión.

The competition between Alegria and the Spanish Alicia Cano paused while facing the "La Pista" section, where a moving moment was played starring the Civil Engineering student in Computing

Entrepreneur Julián Elfelbein consulted about what people were saying to him on the street due to his recent fame. But the young man explained that it did not really work out because he was working on the thesis.

Then he explained that he compiled a computational protein analysis, then "classify these images and decide If the person is eligible for a gastric cancer treatment or not".

He called for the attention of a specific subject, to which the boy had to explain his motives. "I am very pleased with the health area i a bit of a tribute to my father; he died of gastric cancer, then he wanted to do something beautiful for him"He informed.

"This treatment is super new and allows a better survival, it is still not for cure. I hope this year finishes the thesis", to which Julián Elfelbein assured him that his father would be very proud of him, Generating a touching moment.

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