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As a "cold water bin", the Argentinean press described the defeat of local Guido Cannettia in the hands of Marlon Manabi Chito Vera, who pronounced her by a petition and another attack, Ninja Argentinean, in the mixed martial arts of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Vera, 25, won Cannetti, 38, on Saturday night, at the Arena Roca in Buenos Aires, in the upper part of the box.

"The UFC Argentina party (for the first time in that country) started well for locals (…), but the downfall of Guido Cannetti against Ecuadorian Marlon Vera was a cold water bowl for a hot bowl," Clarin said yesterday.

The Ninja showed the advantage of starting the action in the Octagon with the blows that Vera found difficult to keep. However, in the first round, manabita recovered and dominated the fight, before forced its opponent to surrender the key for submission, from 3 minutes and 29 seconds.

"In the second round Ecuador watched the other and found a knee (kick) that changed the fight, threw the opponent on the floor and almost defined the guillotine (key to the door). Cannetti managed to get out and lift up a crowd, but seconds later, Chito could again controlled with the same formula: punches, knee, collapse and won. It was the beginning of the end that ended with the mataleon on the neck (most commonly presenting in mixed martial arts), added the Argentinean newspaper.

The referee then had to finish the fight in favor of the tricolor fighter.

Vera, born in Chon on December 2, 1992, was careful after compelling her rival to surrender and began to comfort him. "I never asked for that fight, I was a great friend of Guido and I had to fight. Thank you (UFC and his fans), because for you it is possible," he told the Argentine public.

"In each of my struggles you feel support and feel the vibrations of people (Ecuadorian). It's in my hands one day to take UFC to Ecuador," Vera said in a previous interview with these newspapers. (D)

I never asked for this fight, I was a great friend of Guido and I had to fight. Thank you (UFC), because it's possible for you
Marlon Vera, fighter manabita

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