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Mayor of Vinya del Mar: "The Comptroller's Report did not say anything"


"I always knew and had the certainty that the truth takes, but it arrives" said the mayor of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato, after it was revealed that the various regional Comptrollers of the country possess varied formulas to calculate the deficits or surplus of the municipalities.

The previous one could vary the results of each report and, in this sense, the municipal deficit of the garden city would reach They even skipped the $ 2 billion, far from the $ 17 billion they released the report which in January issued the controller of Valparaíso.

In this line, Reginato assured that "That's why I'm very calm" And with respect to the request for remarkable abandonment of duties that four city councilors made, he affirmed that "this accusation it has no foundation and that is why I say that the house is tidy, "said the communal chief.

Despite this, during 2018, Reginato had confirmed a deficit municipal $ 13,500 million.

With regard to this, he assured that "today we know what the report the Comptroller's Office did not say anything, I always kept what the head of finance informed me, and that is what I am going to keep ".

It should be remembered that after the Comptroller's report, the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Regional Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation criminal against the municipality.

Reginato said that "I will not refer to anything else because this is judicial and While lawyers have to intervene, I will not speak. I have never lied, "the mayor of Viñamarina concluded.

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