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McLaren Speedtail, a hyper sports car of $ 2 million


November 09, 2018 – 11:40

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Author: Alvaro Mejia G. / Special for El Pais

Our guest today is the new McLaren Speedtail, a hyper sports vehicle that combines art and technology in perfect proportions.

This new and exclusive copy of the Woking House (UK) stands out for a limited edition of the same 106 units built by McLaren F1, a hybrid (gasoline and electric motor), the fastest street car built to date by McLaren and in a special way, per unit a price that exceeds $ 2 million, excluding taxes.

However, unfortunately, Colombians with enough economic power to buy this expensive "toy" will have to look for another option, as hundreds of odd units of McLaren Speedtail, which will begin to ship after 2020, are allotted and paid. 2 years when its future production is announced.

External appearance
Formula One cars are no doubt the best laboratory for the development of elements and systems that are then applied on street vehicles.

The best example of this is the new McLaren Speedtail, which inherits much of the technology and aerodynamic design of the McLaren F1 team.

The above can be seen in a 5.137-meter wide and lightweight body, and only 1.430 kilograms of weight, embedded carbon fiber and aluminum, where aerodynamics prevails over any other concept.

Among the many successes of the exterior of this elegant hyper sport, the clean and fluid lines of "born" in the advanced aerodynamic tunnel McLaren highlight an aerodynamic figure that gives Speedtail a breakthrough and a downward vertical force (downhill force) needed to "crash "from the ground at high speeds.

Another detail of compulsory mentioning is the minimalist design of the body absent from decorations or accessories, for example mirrors and handles.

We can not get into the McLaren Speedtail futuristic cabin, not emphasizing its attractive, harsh and tilted tail. in the shape of a wedge.
This elongated part is decorated with a pair of active blades (spoilers) and 2 huge and geometric diffusers of aerodynamic intentions, from where this oblique and sports exhaust pipe grows.

Interior look
By opening the door of the butterfly (opening and forward) of Speedtail, we find a luxurious cabin, in which carbon fibers, antelope and almost absolute minimalism prevail.

The first highlight of the McLaren Speedtail passenger compartment is the ingenious and rare configuration of the three chairs, leaving the lucky driver a little ahead of his two companions, in the same central and dominant position of the F1 driver.

Another aspect that expands is the good visibility provided by a generous glass bowl, which emphasizes the sloping and huge front windscreen, equipped with an electrochromatic system that darkens the upper range by pressing the button.

As far as the buttons are concerned, it is necessary to indicate the lack of controls, knobs or buttons, other than a few available on the roof console of the type of aircraft from which the gears are changed.

Another element of the compulsory review is a closed instrument cluster occupied by three LED screens, which show the overall operation of the vehicle and two more side panels that work as a virtual mirror. This pair of displays reproduces what the "seen" retrieved rear-camera cameras are hidden in the arc of the McLaren Speedtail wheel when the engine is off.

Motor appearance
Although no technical details of gasoline and electric motors moving English English Hyper Sport have been revealed, their impressive power and acceleration and final speed figures, which are truly surprising, have been discovered.

According to McLaren's manager, the two aggregates (gasoline and electric) deliver a combined power of 1,050 horsepower, giving Speedtail enough "speeds" to accelerate from 0 to 300 km / h in only 12.8 "Simply place the needle at 403 km of high speed.

All of the above is summed up in the words of McLaren, spokesman Wein Brus, who spoke to Speedtail, who said: "This is the first car of a brand designed to enjoy high speed on highways or roads or to go to the opera with the same set of tires." It's better say, McLaren like no other.

Data of interest

When the pilot activates the Velocity mode of the McLaren Speedtail, the electronic plate of the power plant, the position of the blades (aileron) is modified to reduce the aerodynamic load (withdrawal) and the active suspension system in aluminum, which reduces by 35 mm of height on the floor to optimize the march and gain a few kilometers of final speed.

McLaren Speedtail's "travel team" includes three lightweight and elegant buckets (1 per capita) of carbon fiber, leather and aluminum.

Speedtail is also the first of 18 new names or derivatives of the McLaren Pista 25 business plan that will be north of the English company by 2025.

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