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Michael Collins: "Women can do the same as men, even do it better"


the astronaut Michael CollinsOne of the three participants in the mission Apollo 11The first manned trip to the Moon, which turns 50, returned this week to the launching platform to remember the mission that changed the history of humanity.

Cauldrons, 88, wanted to remind the dead Neil Armstrong, Who said he was the "best" commander they could have had.

For the astronaut, Armstrong, died in 2012, was the smartest astronaut, a great engineer and the "perfect" choice to command the mission. "He was very intelligent, he had an extremely broad education, of scientific and historical knowledge," he said during an interview televised by NASA.

However, he stressed Armstrong's dowries as "spokesman for three men who had the privilege of turning around the world." "Did a superlative work as a crew commander. There are no complaints there (…), but it was masterful, a great speaker, "said Collins on the first human being as he stepped on the surface of the Moon.

"He was an introverted person (…) did not want to take the microphone, but if he was at the head of him, he could use it with a wonderful advantage," he explained.

The astronaut also praised the "succinct instruction" of President John F. Kennedy in 1961 he sent a man to the Moon before the end of the 1960s. In that sense, he said that the big question now is "where are we going from here?".

"I like to transfer this spirit of where we are where we could go. I would suggest going directly to Mars, Under what he would call JFK Mars Express, "said the astronaut." Wherever we were, we would use the name of Kennedy, "he reiterated.

Artemisa generation

On the other hand, praised the role of women in the new space age, Specifically in the NASA Artemis program to colonize the Moon and Mars, When pointing out that "Maybe they can do it better."

"I love the word Artemisa, the twin of Apollo. I think it's a wonderful name and more important than the name is a wonderful concept. I think that Women can do anything that men can do in a space"He emphasized.

Collins also answered with a resounding "no" when asked if he had felt the # most lonely man in the space while his two companions walked by the Moon.

"When I was alone, I enjoyed a perfectly nice coffee, had a hot coffee, had music if I wanted it," he said when he had often piloted planes alone.

"They were more or less 40 minutes of peace and tranquility, and I enjoyed the calm."

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