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Miley Cyrus's impressions after leaking photos of her marriage | TV and Shows


A simple marriage with the family and the closest, was how Miley Cyrus wanted her wedding. However, many found out about the ceremony through social networks, when one of the guests decided to publish images.

It was December 23 last year, when the singer and Liam Hemsworth decided to unite their lives in marriage, in an intimate place like Miley's Nashville home.

According to the Red Carpet, the sister of the artist, Brandi Cyrus, explained that the couple always talked about having a small marriage, where only the family was present and it was done at home.

In spite of that, everyone could see the marriage, and not indeed on the part of the pair, since Conrad Jack Carr published the first images through his Instagram stories.

Brandi commented that: "Honestly, the only Miley friend was her best friend, Jessie, and Liam had a group of friends who were there from Australia." In the group, it indicated that the event was a private thing and that you could not take pictures, but Conrad Carr did not hear the instruction.

About this, Brandi said the singer "It feels very bad"But, he does not know what happened, since the man indicated that nobody had told him that he could not do that.

Regarding the looks of the guests, Brandi said that Many criticized their mother for wearing jeans: "It really changed clothes when we started to celebrate and do more things about the party after dinner. During the ceremony and these things, it had black trousers. But honestly, it was at home, and it felt like that No one had to dress-elegant, which was very good, "he maintained.

Finally, the married couple published the official images of their marriage in their respective Instagram accounts.

Review part of the images here:

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