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Most billionaires who won (and lost) in 2018


Maybe the markets are sinking, but this has not prevented the creation of many megaphores in 2018.

The popularity of Fortnite, the phenomenon that forced some to enter rehabilitation for addiction to video games, allowed Tim Sweeney to graze a fortune of $ 7,200 million this year. Autry Stephens has US $ 11,400 million after Endeavor Energy Resources offered bids that valued the oil in up to $ 15,000 million.

Sweeney and Stephens were only two of the 31 people who entered the Bloomberg billionaire index in 2018, although the rise in global trade disputes and a downward trend in the markets generated the loss of $ 1 trillion among those listed in the ranking.

Denise Coates, founder and British executive director of Bet365 online betting is another addition to the list. Coates is almost 10 times richer than the Isabel II tool, according to the ranking.

While Coates had a good year, market stirring led many wealthy people to get negative figures. The 500 wealthiest people in the world lost $ 451,000 million this year, which contrasts with the $ 1 billion added to their fortunes in 2017.

Then the billionaires who won and lost in 2018.

the winners

Singapore's multimillionaires were better off in terms of dollars earning $ 2,500 million. This brought wealth from the wealthiest in the country to a collective net worth of US $ 38,000 million.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world's richest man, was the highest 2018 winner for the second consecutive year. Its net worth grew around US $ 24,000 million, to $ 123,000 million, but he did not save himself from falling stock markets. After reaching its highest point in September, Bezos has seen its fortune fall in some $ 45,000 million.

Despite the total loss of nearly $ 76 billion from Chinese billionaires this year, some of the richest in the country managed to increase their assets. This is the case of June Law, founder of the Xiaomi smartphone maker. June finished second behind Bezos among the biggest winners of 2018, adding $ 8.600 million to his fortune.


US billionaires suffered the biggest loss this year, a collective collapse of US $ 76,000 million, largely due to the fall in the market in December. Mark Zuckerberg recorded the most noticeable decline in 2018 as Facebook went from one crisis to another. Its net worth was reduced by almost US $ 20,000 million, leaving the 34 year old with a fortune of US $ 53,000 million.

The Chinese Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma and Ma Huateng are three of the 10 biggest losers this year. Fifty people left the index, including 11 from China or Hong Kong, nine from the USA and four from Russia.

Among those who came out of the list stand out Andrej Babis, the Czech Republic's prime minister whose fortune is derived from his agricultural and chemical company Agrofert, and the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, the net worth plummeted to a record level as the Rusal's actions fell into the concern that the aluminum giant could stop its production due to sanctions imposed by the USA

Unfortunately, 13 billionaires in the ranking died this year, including Paul Allen of Microsoft, Hong Kong real estate mogul Walter Kwok and Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, owner of the Leicester City football club in the English Premier League.

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