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Neither Romero nor Gil: Pablo Mouche is the "& # 39; Covered & # 39; of your businessman Colo Colo | soccer

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Mario Davila / Agency Archive UN

The leadership of Colo Colo moves against the clock in search of new reinforcements for the 2019 season.

In this context, the & # 39; albos & # 39; They are waiting to hire an offensive player, who would be one of the players that he would be waiting for Mario Salas.

This name would be the former Boca Juniors Pablo Mouche, Which is currently a loan to San Lorenzo de Almagro. However, its file belongs to Palmeiras, with whom Black and Black people must negotiate.

The information was ratified in Bio Bio Sports both from Colo Colo and from the player's environment, who admitted to the existence of negotiations.

The arrival of the Argentine striker would be facilitated by the fact that the coach Jorge Almirón He is not very careful in the "Cyclone".

In addition, to the Argentine club They would be looking to hire another striker. According to information from Fox Sports, it would be Colombian Juan Camilo Salazar, who plays in the same position as Mouche.

Remember that the Argentine has an outstanding step for Boca Juniors, from where it was acquired by the Brazilian Palmeiras.

The club of Sao Paulo has not been able to consolidate, so it has been ceded several times to different clubs.

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