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New restrictions in pandemic: All measures that come into force on Monday 5 April

During this weekend, Chile has registered more than 8,000 new cases of infection for two consecutive days.

Government authorities disclosed new restrictive measures that will take effect this Monday, April 5th, In order to curb COVID-19 infections that have increased in recent months.

This announcement was made just before the start of the long weekend for Easter and Chile registered, for two consecutive days, more than 8,000 new cases of daily infections.

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Closure of borders

Travel abroad will be restricted for 30 days for both Chilean citizens and resident foreigners. It will be allowed, through the Virtual Commissariat, to request extraordinary authorization for the travel of people abroad for urgent and qualified humanitarian reasons, health treatments or management essential for the proper march of the country.

The entry of non-resident foreigners will also be prohibited for 30 days, with the exception of those duly authorized by the Chilean consular authority. in the country of origin, under well-founded health criteria issued by the health authority.

They will be required to truck drivers entering by land border have a maximum PCR of 72 hours and randomized antigen examinations will be performed by Health personnel. In the event that one of them has a positive examination, he / she will enter a medical residence and the transport company will have to take care of the operation of the load and the truck.

Sale of Quarantine and Transition Products

The concept of essential goods for the communes that are in Quarantine and Transition (Phases 1 and 2 of the Step by Step Plan). It will only be accessible goods considered essential such as food, medicine, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene.

Besides, items can be purchased for teleworking, distance education and for the operation and safety of homes. “You can’t access by delivery another type of property other than the one I pointed out,” said Crime Prevention Undersecretary Katherine Martorell.

It will not be possible to buy items such as cosmetics, perfumes and footwear, among others. “This measure will last 15 days and will be evaluated,” the undersecretary assured.

Essential workers

Staff deemed essential will be limited within the activity that is authorized, including civil servants.

In this sense, essential employees were defined as “those workers and / or service providers of a public or private company or institution, the turn has been declared essential, that they occupy functions that cannot be performed electronically and that are essential for the activity of the turn, Such as operational, logistical and productive tasks, systems maintenance, security, cleaning and sanitation “.

Administrative, accounting, financial and advisory and consulting tasks are expressly excluded from this definition. This definition includes workers who provide minimum services that must be ensured in the event of a strike, “said Martorell.

Single Collective Permit

Companies will have to andnform the total number of workers hired or who provide services in addition to those who are considered essential for which the document is requested.

The work of the worker considered essential must be specified and because permission is requested. For example, operational tasks, logistics, systems maintenance, among others.

Limitation of individual permits

For those common in Quarantine two individual travel permits will be maintained for the week. On weekends or public holidays, only one of the two permits can be accessed.

Change in curfew

It will advance, across the country, from 9pm until 5am.

Religious cults

For the accomplishment of religious cults a Quarantine (Phase 1) from’ Step by Step Plan, a maximum capacity of five people was established.

For these purposes, the Minister of Worship, identified with a credential granted by a Church, Cult or Religious Organization duly recognized by the State of Chile, may issue a certificate individualizing those who will attend the religious worship.

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