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New Wom campaign strikes fierce boss on other operators


In the context of the discussion for the spectrum.

We have another new and hilarious Wom campaign, now comparing directly to Entel, Movistar and Clar with the character "Kiko" from Chavo on the 8th.

All this occurs in full discussion on the subject of the return of the radioelectric spectrum by the three largest operators.

The subject we have covered long and this campaign, despite the entertaining that may be, is only Wom taking the opportunity to hang on an initiative and fight that the Undersecretary of Telecommunications has been giving for many months.

It is called "I demand Just" and calls "to demand fair competition and with 5G for all", which is absolutely tendentious, suggesting that they would not have access to the network, but the development of this technology In the country, along with its implementation is finished in diapers.

The other operators won the bid at the time, but the Subtel says they have given it a "misuse" and that is why it freezes.

Our position is that of the measure, since both sides are reasonably certain, but the possibility is that more and more the state government is preparing the terrain so that more foreign actors can arrive in the form of # 39; operator, like China Telecom, but we insist, are just suspicious.

Justice will eventually decide whether the operators are left with their spectrum or if it is left, again, in the hands of the Subtel. Wom does not have much whistle to play here, but they do so to generate popularity and controversy.

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