Wednesday , February 24 2021

Nicolás Massú: If we reach the World Group it will be incredible, if it does not work, we must continue working

he captain of the Chilean Davis Cup team, Nicolás Massú, said at a press conference that it will be incredible to reach the Davis Cup World Group, What he described as a dreamAdding that they are prepared to face any player, this in the absence of Dominic Thiem (8th).

"We have to face the rival ahead. Favoritism may sometimes be on our side, but they have the place and put the conditions. We are focused on facing the player that is and the games should be played, "he pointed out.

"We want to fulfill our dreams and if we reach the World Group it would be incredible, If it is not given then we must continue working so that one day we will arrive, That's why we work. We have the energy and we want it and we're fine, "he added after the question of the special envoy of To the Cooperative Free Air.

Along the same lines, Massu He added that "the Davis Cup begins to prepare her when the draw comes out. They have great players Beyond Dominic Thiem to anyone I would like to have on your team, Especially in clay where is one of the three best in the world. I wish you the best in your recovery. "

"We have a team that can now aspire to important things. Due to the age of the singlists we have, there is the possibility that we continue to grow … A result can not be changed, if you lose you can not change the way you work. We need to continue focused, "he added.

Given the option of reaching the World Group that will have an unprecedented first version in Madrid in 2019, he said that "the truth It's nice to see that tennis is fighting for something important. I remember when we started. With the experience I had as a player and everything in my hand, I worked the best way. "

"We have a great multidisciplinary team i We are ready to play in the best way. One does not have to settle or set limits. When you're proposing you can achieve great things. Some time ago we were almost in the third division and now at the gates of the World Group, "Massu added.

Will Julio Peralta play?

he captain of the Davis Cup team also confirmed that Tuesday was integrated Julio Peralta, ensuring that they will assess how physically is. In turn, He valued his presence in the team.

"The presence of Juliol Peralta is important because he is among the top 40 in the world, he has performed very well in the circuit, He knows all the players, he specializes in doubles and can converse with the rest. Having three players gives us the chance to choose, but this decision will take on Friday depending on how they are. Darts is an important point, "he said.

"He is working on recovering. I made the decision that I was in the team and I will see it in the training to see if it can play or not. There is one medical thing, but I also have to play to have the option of having three players. If it's 100 percent, I'll decide which is the best pair. We must understand that this is a team and that is the key that has brought us here and that it can take us to Madrid, "he added.

Finally, he valued that in Chile "tennis has been rising. It has been four and a half years and we are close to the World Group. If we win the weekend it will be incredible, I am a person who lives dreams and imagine myself in Madrid among the top 18 teams in the world motivates me".

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