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Nintendo defeats the Court with ROM sites



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In July this year it was discovered Nintendo she filed a lawsuit against the site owners i This is due to illegal distribution ROMs games on these portals. At that time it was calculated that it would amount to at least $ 140 million. But there were "cheap" people created by such actions.

ROMs were an apple of discord

The owners of these locations are a couple of Arizona, and they are ordered to pay Nintendo $ 12.23 million. They are in a relationship Jacob i Cristian Mathias, who pleaded guilty and was led by the company Mathias Designs. Between ROMs which they had on the site were they Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Countri, Pokemon Iellov i Super Mario World. Why was the Court so serious with them?

Some believe that they should impose an example to other sites that distribute games Nintendo in the same way. Currently i They have signs that they are in maintenance, but who knows if they will ever have relevance again. The same goes for other sites that have such a practice. When you notice it Nintendo He was very serious and decided to shut himself down and step down.

Nintendo asks you to close two important ROM locations

Nintendo does not tempt the heart to sue

Can pair Mathias Pay that much money? It remains to be seen, but it might be better to reach an agreement Nintendo outside the court The one who won, at least when it comes to legality, was a company. In this way, he sends a clear and powerful message that he will not stop persecuting those who distribute illegal copies of their games.

On location Apparently he apologizes now Nintendo, where he acknowledges that they were offered unauthorized copies of the company's games. Something that violated the reserved and protected right of this. For the same reason, they cease all their activities by recommending access to the games of this publisher and developer through their website and its stores.

There are those who complain about it Nintendo attacks on sites ROMs, since many of these sites have maintained games that can not be redistributed due to many circumstances. This is an unwanted effect in the fight against unauthorized copies. thank you Eurogamer for the report.

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