Sunday , April 11 2021

Nintendo prepares a new model of Switch after its "explosive" success – video games

Nintendo prepares a new Switch model after its success

Sales of the Switch, launched in March 2017, have already surpassed 32 million units around the world.

Nintendo Friday was congratulated on the "explosive" success of some titles for its console Switch, of those who sold 10 or 15 million copies each one in a short time, while already preparing a new model for this console.

Sales of the Switch, launched by the Japanese pioneer of video games in March 2017, have already surpassed 32 million units around the world. Although the rhythm this year is a bit less fast than expected (now, they are waiting 17 million, before, 20 million), the associated game collection, in turn, exceeds expectations.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (12.080.000 units sold), Mario Kart (15 million), Legend of Zelda (11.680.000) or Super Mario Odyssey (13,760,000) convinced each one to one third and almost half of Switch holders (a half-shot, semiportable console).

"These games were sold explosively since their departure," said the head of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, in a press conference.

The director general made these statements one day after the announcement of the results that confirmed the recovery of the centennial firm of Kyoto, after a difficult stage due to the fiasco of its previous fixed console, the Wii O.

"The activity of the consoles will continue in the business line of Nintendo, since a dedicated device allows us to offer ways and sensations of games that we do not have with other devices," he said.

Nintendo "develops something" in the current switch line, the manager told AFP, without specifying whether it was a more compact and cheaper model, as the newspaper indicated Japanese Nikkei.

The house of Mario and consorts has been manufacturing consoles of different kinds for more than 30 years, while many others have abandoned the race for some time now. Today, their real rivals are compatriots Sony and American Microsoft.


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