Saturday , April 17 2021

Or Higgins presents a shirt and reinforcements at the home of his sponsor

In front of about three thousand followers, at the Gran Monticello Arena, the ceremony was held. On leaving the site, President Ricardo Abumohor and DT Figueroa analyzed the fight for the arc between veteran Pinto and the promising Luis Ureta.

In front of about three thousand supporters, Higgins de Rancagua presented yesterday the clothing for the 2019 season and the six reinforcements that he has signed for the national championship and the Chilean Cup, the two competitions that he will face in the next 11 months. The ceremony was also held at Gran Arena Monticello, precisely the main sponsor of the celestial.

The newcomers to the Cape of the Province are Agustí Doffo, Diego González, Renzo López, Paulo Magalhaes, José Luis Ulloa and Maurici Ramírez.

At the end of the ceremony, the president of the club, Ricardo Abumohor, responded to the queries about Luis Ureta, perhaps the most rescatable player and of greater future that offered the Sub 20 selection that was eliminated in the group phase , precisely in Rancagua.

Abumohor said that "Pinto is the present, Ureta is the next. I've seen them alternating in the training sessions. Whatever is best, I'll have to play. I think Ureta had his option."

Coach Marc Antoni Figueroa also referred to the matter, but more tangentially: "All players are important for the institution, we will try to get everyone to have the chance to play."

The main party, Ureta, was even more cautious. "First you have to train and then we will see," he reflected.

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