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Pablo Neruda Airport, a mid-quality song in Chile

November 12, 2018, 12:54Fausto Triana

Santiago de Chile, November 12 (Prensa Latina) Behind the curtain is political prejudice, but in the epidermism of the debate, the type of middle-song play prevails, and do not give the name of the airport Pablo Neruda to the international terminal of Santiago.

The latest black pearl appears in the El Mercurio newspaper, the famous dictator Avgust Pinochet (1973-1990), who exploits the "river mixed" for fishermen's profit, yet pirated.

However, the daily, which besides columns of individual signatures sometimes offers room for other views, also published a letter signed by lawyer Rodolfo Reies Munoz, legal representative of Neruda's nephews.

Reyes Munoz, as already told Prensi Latina, emphasized the initiative of the Culture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies for a draft law that calls for an air terminal to be renamed as Pablo Neruda International Airport.

The idea that will now be discussed at the plenary session of this parliamentary body. However, this question provoked an angry controversy, in a segment that revealed the personality of a witch, and in the other to think of the glorious Chilean women.

In no case, politics did not come at first. Is it true?

Of course not. Neither the first nor the last time trying to conquer other people to try to shine Richard Reece Basalt, the real name of Richard Cantier, by Richard Eliezer Neftalia.

"It seems that this initiative has emphasized the country, its people, art and art, a proposal that undoubtedly has our support," Reies Munoz wrote about this idea.

Earlier, Nerud's nephew told Princess Latina that the debate about social networks about his uncle's career had been addressed to his shortcomings. "We say that Neruda was not perfect, but he left a huge legacy for Chile and the world."

Together with Gabriel Mistral, who was his teacher and helped him to get involved first in letters, and then in his defense, when Vlad Gonzalez Videla pushed him to Italy, he only had two Nobel Prizes in Chile.

The airport is currently called Arturo Merino Benitez, a pioneer of aeronautics in the southern country. But without damaging his figure, the dimension of Neruda is the basis of the argument about the proposal.

All rejection, hidden, focused on the bar, was an active member of the Communist Party and a very close ally of Salvador Allende, who was ousted on September 11, 1973 with the bloody state dictation of August Pinoset dictatorship.

"No one wants to minimize or insult Merino Benitez, but there would be no sin to keep his name for the national terminal and Neruda for the international. Chile is the one who wins this recognition," said deputy Marcelo Diaz.

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