Monday , October 18 2021

"Parc Baró" project wins citizen consultation in Valparaíso


With the participation of 11,344 people, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU) announced the winning proposal for the "Imagina el Moll Baró" contest, which will inspire the design of the future Passeig del Mar to the sector.

Of the three projects selected, the alternative "Parc Baró" obtained the first place with 5,450 votes, that is, with 48% of the preferences. The proposals "Meeting of the Rambla" and "Paseo de mar. Baró railway park" reached, respectively, 4,138 and 1,756 votes.

According to the report of the project, "Parc Baró" proposes to turn the sector into "a great public space for Valparaiso", constructing 4 pedestrian accesses that will connect the coast with the city. In parallel, it suggests the construction of a wetland, an underwater aquarium and a public-private sports marina to reverse the deficit of green areas and sports circuits in the city.

"It is clear the need to inject new programs into the sector, as well as rehabilitating its heritage buildings – the Simón Bolívar cellar – all with the aim of creating a walk that ends with the abandonment conditions that currently characterize Baron (…) focusing on efforts to promote only industrial and port use, "the document says.

The proposal also stands out in terms of viability. In this sense, "Parc Baró" raises the construction of a gateway, from Pedro Montt Avenue to the wharf sector, and an intermodal station that incorporates the Cruise dock – currently in bidding, trolleybus service and minibuses, the Valparaíso metro baron station and bike lane.

In addition, it proposes to establish a backbone that a Simón Bolívar winery, the Passenger Terminal and the port's use of the site. Specifically, the winery is proposed as a connection point for passengers arriving at the Passenger Terminal Valparaiso (VTP) and go to the city. In the meantime, it is suggested that a sector of this trunk be used for nighttime port stacking and parking throughout the day.

Finally, the project selected by the citizenry incorporates a wetland in the exterior and interior of the winery, for which it becomes necessary a purifier for the treatment of the gray waters that come from the gorge of Avenue França. "This intervention seeks to grant the project a landscaped and lively element that allows the recovery of the city's natural heritage", indicates the proposal.

During February the MINVU will define the formula to start executing the project in the 10.9 hectares that belong to the Valparaíso Port Authority (EPV). As indicated by La Tercera, Minister Cristián Monckeberg, the works will concentrate, mainly, in 2020 and 2021, coming this year with the design and studies necessary for the execution of the initiative. In this regard, Seremi of the portfolio, Evelyn Mansilla, emphasized the fulfillment of the terms "that the Ministry has self-imposed."

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