Thursday , October 6 2022

Peru surprised Uruguay in the South American and won with a nonexistent penalty


Without shining and with one arguable, almost nonexistent, criminal, But he debuted in Group B of South American U20 defeating 1 to 0 in Uruguay, duel disputed in the hot Fiscal Stage of Talca.

he The first time of the game on Talquino soil was not great emotions and the leg was heavyBe more fought than well played. It is because the Peruvian team seemed lost to the current South American champion and could not fit into a good game, unlike a charrúa box that started well and went away with time to abusive of the long balloon without destiny. Thus the things, Nobody was surprised that the first 45 minutes ended up equally without goals.

However, history changed in the complement, when Marcos López, the best of Peru, faced at full speed and fell to the mark of Maximiliano Araujo. Here, the referee charged criminal, but the Charrúas claimed that the action had been outside the area and that the Inca player had stumbled just, being correct. The judge did not listen to the allegations and Fernando Pacheco got in front of the ball to open the account For those led by Daniel Ahmed, when the clock was ticking 52 minutes.

Chopped by the inexistent penalty, Celeste advanced lines to look for the tie. with the A push characteristic of his players, he managed to tip the track and generated several goal chances that could not be achieved. Finally, the Peruvians took on a controversial triumph that placed them in the Group below Ecuador, who won by 3-0 in Paraguay in the match that opened the match.

Those of Daniel Ahmed will have free the next date and return to the track Tuesday to face Paraguay, While the Uruguayans will seek out the bitter taste in front of Ecuador, Sunday that goes to Curicó.

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