Tuesday , March 2 2021

PG & E declares bankruptcy in response to fire demands

The firm filed the documentation before a court to take part in chapter 11, although state researchers determined that their teams were not causing the voracious fires in California in 2017.

The largest service company in the United States, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E), filed for bankruptcy Today while facing potential millionaire payments for damage caused by forest fires in California.

The company filed the documentation before a court to take part in chapter 11 despite the fact that state researchers determined last week that their teams were not responsible for the tragic event of 2017 that caused 22 deaths in a northern wine town of the state.

PG & E mentioned the hundreds of victims' demands for this fire and others registered in 2017 and 2018 that it presented at the beginning of this month to announce their plans to request the measure. Among the fires, it is the most lethal that the country has suffered in the last century, El de Paradise, who killed at least 86 people in November and destroyed 15,000 homes in the municipality and in nearby communities.

The cause of this event is still under investigation, but speculation has focused on the company after it reported a problem on the power line near the place where the flames began and the # 39; the time it was started.

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