Thursday , October 6 2022

Pinilla and lost judgment: "It was surprising and suspicious"


The striker draws attention to how the case was resolved and ratified that he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Last Wednesday, the decision of the Court of Appeals was heard that rejected the lawsuit imposed by Mauricio Pinilla of the cons Blauer Blau.

It was determined to leave the payment of 460 million pesos demanded by the new Coquimbo United striker for unjustified dismissal.

Pinilla spoke of the opinion: "It was surprising and suspicious that in a four-day trial judgment we have analyzed for eight hours, with testimonies, where we were with the magistrate Alosa Castro. But that is how things are managed in Chile". tell Fox Sports.

"This escaped from your hands, even to justice. We need the Supreme Court to take this judgment. If I should immolate the rest of my colleagues, stay on the limbs, let them pass for such a situation, I will do it, "he said.

In addition, "Pinigol" responded to José Vignatti, president of Colon, who said that the Argentine club was the owner of the player's federal rights.

"If Mr Vignatti says that I belong to Columbus is false, my federal rights are in Chile", He declared.

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