Monday , March 8 2021

Praey for the Gods will arrive this week at Steam as Early Access

The first time we talked about Praey for the Gods was by the end of 2015 and its title was slightly different. However, his more than evident tribute to Shadow of the Colossus and a warm welcome at Kickstarter have allowed that project to continue developing. Moreover, Before the end of the month you will be able to throw the glove on it.

The three members of the modest but ambitious study, No Matter, have set the launch of their debut film Steam for on January 31 in Early Access quality. However, the game has been tested over the last two years by the backers through different stages of development.


In this sense, and as indicated in Steam, the Kirkland team considers that the main game offers a solid experience and that it meets the list of promised content during its campaign. But before launching a version 1.0 They want to add additional content and optimize your experience.

So how does this look? Praey for the Gods at the moment Well, the trailer with which they announced their entry to Early Access gives us some pretty positive impressions.

An advance that also exhibits the bases of An adventure that drinks from the work of Fumito UedaBut he also borrows other great adventures, including a climbing system and a kind of paravel that unreservedly reminds us of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Within the possibilities of a modest development team, of course.

Scanning along a pronounced frozen environment, the battle against colossal beasts and fierce enemies that will come to our feet and several lessons learned from some of the unquestionable referents in question of adventure are guarantees more than promising And we will not take long to take the word.


Praey for the Gods can be purchased as of Thursday in Steam, and it is estimated that within a period of between six months and one year the final version of the game will be completely finished.

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