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President of the unit of competence: There is no difficulty with Buonanotte, the more likely it is to follow


The president of the Catholic University, Joan Tagle, In conversation with From Free Air to Cooperative, You have referred to the publication on this Monday of the newspaper the MercuryHe said that the UC would not renew at the wheel Diego Buonanotte in June, a situation that ruled out and indicated that the trans-American is likely to continue in the Chilean soccer champion.

"The truth, I do not know where this news comes from. With Diego there are no difficulties, we value what he has been doing to the club and when the date of conversation (in the middle of 2019 finishes its contract) both parties will express The interest we are still working on, the more likely it is to be that way"Said Tagle.

In addition, he added that "we have a policy of renovations, in which we approach the players shortly before they finish their ties, so we did With Germán Lanaro and now everything is very advanced so that it follows, in the same way our priority is the youngsters trained at home".

On another issue, the head of the "precordillerano" list referred to the departure of the Spanish coach Beñat Sant Josep, indicating that "I did not disturb Beñat's departure. Both technicians have come out in the best way. It came out of the way, which we too proposed, With reciprocal contract. We continue as friends and very attentive to the campaign of him and he to that of the club. So there's no annoyance. "

He also explained the situation the interest that University of Chile had in its great figure Luciano Aued, Assuring that "We learned about the interest of the O, but I do not know who thought of where we were going to come off Luciano ".

"When they informed us, we said that we were not prepared to strengthen the player with a player that, in addition, was considered by many to be the best in the championship. There is no called gentleman's agreement, we were the ones we did not accept", Added.

The arrival of Quinteros and reinforcements by 2019

Joan Tagle also referred to the arrival of the Argentine coach Gustavo Quinteros, Assuring that "We have a very successful technical team, a very successful race that has made many players perform.. In addition, he is very in agreement with the players that we are looking for ".

In addition, he said about the 2019 squad that "we are well, moving ahead of schedule. We start from behind forwards. First the Dituro renewal, now almost ready than that of Germán. We have very advanced left wing, I will not say the name, i We are looking for one or two extremes and a center for the front.

On the other hand, he said he was "Surprisingly" statements by Andrés Vilches, who assured that his stage changed in Catholic with the departure of Beñat Sant Josep.

Finally, he addressed the constant search for young players for each season, indicating that "cWe spend with a sum reserved only to hire screening soccer players, they are two or three million dollars that we are using little, And with the idea that they are an investment and that they are not lost. It is not for foreigners, because the players from outside that we carry, we try to be tested, "he closed.

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