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Rafael impacted on Hidden Truths revealing the illness he suffers: "It's incurable" | TV and Shows


The dramas in the Mega series, Hidden truths They seem not to end. This was demonstrated in the progress shown in the chapter on Tuesday.

Recall that previously, Rafael (Nicolás Saavedra) visited the doctor after completing a series of tests to finally know the diagnosis of his illness.

"It is very important that you begin your treatment as soon as possible"He told him the specialist on that occasion, stating that although his illness is not curable, he can slow down his progress.

Mega capture

Mega capture

The news broke the lawyer. However, he preferred to keep this secret and not to explain it to Rocio. However, he was confident with Alonso (Santiago Tupper).

"I have lateral sclerosis"The lawyer was confessed to the international escort, as shown in the progress of the Wednesday chapter. "It is a serious, degenerative and incurable disease"He added quite affected.

Mega capture

Mega capture

"In a few months I will start to lose my driving functions, and in a couple of years I will not be able to work for myself, to do almost anything", Specified Rafael on the complex stage that he will have to face.

What is lateral sclerosis?

This disease affects the nervous system, Attacking the neurons and the spinal cord. This is because the person he loses his strength and can not move, As specified by the specialized Medline site.

The illness usually affects a person between 40 and 60 years of ageAnd it is more common in men than in women. Despite the medical advances that have been developed, Your cause is still unknown.

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